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Batemans Rosey Nosey
Item No. 157
Batemans Rosey Nosey 12x500ml 4.7 No No
Brewdog Get out Claus
Item No. 16139
Brewdog Get out Claus 12x330ml 8.2 No No
Brewdog Hoppy Christmas
Item No. 1625
Brewdog Hoppy Christmas 24x330 ml. 7.2 No No
Brewdog Mistletoe Mafia
Item No. 16140
Brewdog Mistletoe Mafia 12x330ml 4.2 No No
Brewdog Santa Paws
Item No. 1626
Brewdog Santa Paws 24x330ml. 4.5 No No
Den Gyldne Hest Jule
Item No. 3115
Den Gyldne Hest Jule 30x330ml 5.7 No No
Fullers Old Winter Ale
Item No. 109
Fullers Old Winter Ale 12x500ml 5.3 No No
Fullers Winter Brew
Item No. 10151
Fullers Winter Brew 12x500ml 6.3 No No
Föroya Jóla Bryggj
Item No. 439
Föroya Jóla Bryggj 24x330ml. 5.8 No No
GK Festive Pudding
Item No. 11345
GK Festive Pudding 12x500ml 6 No No
GK Rocking Rudolph
Item No. 11341
GK Rocking Rudolph 8x500ml 4.2 No No
Hancock Hvidtøl 33cl
Item No. 3594
Hancock Hvidtøl 33cl 30x330ml 1.8 No No
Hancock Hvidtøl 70cl
Item No. 3595
Hancock Hvidtøl 70cl 15x700ml. 1.8 No No
Hancock Hvidtøl 70cl - 1/4 palle
Item No. 3584
Hancock Hvidtøl 70cl - 1/4 palle 135x700ml 1.8 No No
Hancock Julebryg
Item No. 3593
Hancock Julebryg 30x330ml 10.5 No No
Hancock Merry Chrismas 70 cl
Item No. 358
Hancock Merry Chrismas 70 cl 15x700ml. 6.3 No No
Hancock Merry Christmas
Item No. 357
Hancock Merry Christmas 30x330ml. 6.3 No No
Jopen Season of Epiphany
Item No. 28787
Jopen Season of Epiphany 12x330ml 6.5 No No
Liefmans Gluhkriek
Item No. 100076
Liefmans Gluhkriek 12x750ml. 6 No No
Midtfyns Belgian Christmas Blonde
Item No. 60593
Midtfyns Belgian Christmas Blonde 12x500ml 7.2 No No