Wheat beer - Denmark

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Fanø Knit Wit 9x500ml
Item No. 200086
Fanø Knit Wit 9x500ml HVEDE ØL 9x500ml 5.8 No No
Fanø Lynghvede 9x500ml
Item No. 200054
Fanø Lynghvede 9x500ml HVEDE ØL 9x500ml 5 No No
Midtfyns Wheat 12x500ml
Item No. 6024
Midtfyns Wheat 12x500ml HVEDE ØL 12x500ml 5.6 No No
Midtfyns Wheat 24x330ml
Item No. 60241
Midtfyns Wheat 24x330ml HVEDE ØL 24x330ml 5.6 No No
Midtfyns Wit 12x500ml
Item No. 6042
Midtfyns Wit 12x500ml HVEDE ØL 12x500ml 6.2 No No
Thisted Økologisk Liége 15x500ml
Item No. 200042
Thisted Økologisk Liége 15x500ml HVEDE ØL 15x500ml 4.8 Yes No
Ugly Duck Heard it through the WheatWine 6x600ml
Item No. 6253
Ugly Duck Heard it through the WheatWine 6x600ml HVEDE ØL 6x660ml. 10.3 No No
Ørbæk Økologisk Weissbier 12x330ml
Item No. 3990
Ørbæk Økologisk Weissbier 12x330ml HVEDE ØL 12x330ml 5.8 Yes No
Ørbæk Økologisk Weissbier 12x500ml
Item No. 4008
Ørbæk Økologisk Weissbier 12x500ml HVEDE ØL 12x500ml 5.8 Yes No